Selection Process

The Branford Sports Hall of Fame has a two-part selection process. An individual who has brought honor and distinction to the Town of Branford through athletics may be nominated via a written nomination form, accompanied by comprehensive documentation to support the nominee’s candidacy. To be considered for a particular year, a nomination form must be received one week prior to the annual Nomination Meeting which is held in June. Nominations are held in perpetuity or until a candidate is inducted into the Hall of Fame. No nominations will be accepted in other than written form, accompanied by documentation.

At the annual Nomination Meeting, written information about nominees (completed nomination forms and supporting documentation) is presented to the Selection Committee in a Booklet of Nominees. Members of the committee review the nominee’s credentials and share information about the nominees. A Selection Meeting is held within a month to select inductees via secret ballot.

The Selection Committee is comprised of three groups: (1) previously inducted members of the Branford Sports Hall of Fame, (2) individuals who hold the leadership positions of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Media Relations, Inductee Coordinator, Dinner Chairman, Research Consultant, Web Site Designer, Voting Assemblers, and (3) committee members who do assigned research for the Hall of Fame. Only members of the Selection Committee may attend the Selection Meeting, and each is entitled to one vote per ballot.

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