George Laich

Inductees by YearGeorge Laich

The “Battler of Branford” is how George Laich is best remembered. The eldest son Michael and Catherine Laich grew up in the Branford Point area watching his dad box professionally.

Though George went on to play all the major sports of his day, basketball was probably his best. He started on the Branford High varsity that won the state title under John Knecht in 1930. Only the year before out “Battler” played on both the varsity and the Branford National Guard team until school authorities frowned on the outside venture.

He went on to enjoy great successes as forward and sometime coach with the Branford Alumni, the Croation Fraternal Union and the M.P. Rice Hose Company teams. One of his trademarks, even as a player, was to loosen up his teammates by recounting humorous stories during timeouts.

At football George was a notorious pass receiver who teamed with quarterback Johnny King as one of Branford Laurels best combinations. In baseball, he moved to key positions as he grew older, his strong arm putting him on the mound where, if he didn’t walk them, he fanned them.

Though not blessed with the immense talent of some others honored in the past, he had something even more valuable, a spirit that would not give up regardless of the score or other disadvantage.

In his later years George worked at the Branford Yacht Club.