Charlie Jones

Inductees by YearCharlie Jones

Although only a sophomore in high school, in 1922 Charlie Jones was made a member of the Branford Town team that played in the Middlesex County League.

This was the infamous “odd-year” team that won the league title in 1923, ’25,’27, and ’29. Jones was considered one of the better players and one of the best hitters.

He went on the play with the SNET Co. team which won several industrial league championships and played with the North Haven A’s and Albie Booth’s Chevys.

Basketball was not a foreign game to Jones, who played with SNET Co. teams and the Branford Tank team. The SNET team won the state industrial title in 1930 while the Tank Co. team played the best teams in the state.

Most athletes of the era were three-sporters, so it should come as no surprise that Jones also played football. The Bob Kelly-coached Laurels and the New Haven Pros were the lucky teams to have his services.  The laurels, of course, were undefeated for eight years while the Pros played in the state professional league.

Jones was a charter member of the Branford Planning and Zoning Commission, which he served on for nine years. He also served nine years on the Branford Board of Education.